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Hi my name is Bill Cash. Thanks for visiting my site.

If you are curious about whom I am, let me briefly tell you.

I am an engineer who has recently turned gun owner. I have always had an interest in various types of firearms, particularly handguns, but have never owned one. Then this past year I graduated to the bigger guns and bought a shotgun.

Now I am not a hunter but rather have this firearm for protection of my home and family.

Having a firearm in the home brings much responsibility, particularly in its storage.  So since I am an engineer and interested in technology, I thought what better way to combine my two interests then to study up on a “newer” type of gun safe, namely the biometric safe. They offer great security and easy and quick access, but are all safes alike?

I started researching this subject and found it very interesting in the similarities and differences in these safes. Knowing that many others are in the same situation, i.e., owning firearms and having to safely store them – yet have quick access to the firearm – I thought I’d share my knowledge with the public.

This leads to the main goal of my site and that is to be …

the best and most informative site on the net when it comes to biometric gun safes.

With this is in mind, please read through my site and learn what I learned. This is a work in progress so please check back from time to time.

I hope you find this information as useful as I have.

All comments are my views. I do not endorse any one product or manufacturer but offer them to you as choices for further review.

If you would like to contact us for any reason, please click Contact Us.

Click here for a free eBook, Basics of Biometric Gun Safes.

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